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Kefir, produced from kefir grain has been consumed by Caucasus people known for their healthy and long life.  Since the beginning of 1900s, their long and healthy life attracted attention of science world and this long and healthy life was linked with kefir. Although kefir grains are kept as secret, during mid-1900s, this secret has expanded from Central Asia to Europe. Kefir grain is in fact a probiotic mine and these grains are dominant with various lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, bifidobacter, and yeast. There is no probiotic food resource as beneficial and effective as kefir. Due to rich probiotic bacteria and yeast richness, kefir produced from kefir grains has attracted attention of scientific world as natural fermented dairy product with various health benefits.

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Banu Güzel Seydim, founder of Danem, is known for her master’s thesis on different yeast usage in yogurt production, doctorate thesis successfully completed in US on fermentation/microbiological/health effects of kefir, and her publications on technologies used in fermented dairy products. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğba Kök Taş, founder of Danem, is working on microbial definitions and health effects of kefir content produced from kefir grain yeast and her publications are carefully monitored in international arena. Kefir that is produced from kefir grained has been evaluated in publications of other scientists and this food is one of the most studied food in terms of health benefits.

In our Fermented Dairy Products Declaration, kefir can be produced from kefir grain yeast or kefir starter culture. It is known that “kefir grain yeast” is used where beneficial effects are identified with scientific methods. Danem is found by academicians, since in commercial productions, instead of kefir grain yeast that required technical knowledge, easy and problem free “kefir starter culture” that is produced abroad and that has limited microorganism versatility are used. As in kefir, yeast of yogurt that has expanded from Anatolia to Europe is now produced abroad. However, with strong scientific knowledge of our academicians and our goal to transfer this knowledge to our people, Danem produces natural yogurt and kefir starter. Danem carefully produces natural kefir and yogurt starter that has microorganisms with Anatolian genes, without genetically modified organism (GMO) with registered patents by Turkish Patent Institute, Utility model, strong R&D studies and harmonized team.

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