• Prof. Dr. Zeynep Banu GÜZEL SEYDİM, founder of Danem has completed undergraduate and graduate education in Ankara University, Agricultural Faculty. She completed second Master’s degree from Us and completed her doctorate studies between 1994-2001. She focused on Kefir and published important studies. Since 2001, she worked in Süleyman Demirel University and supervised doctorate and graduate thesis. Our founding partner who is one of the leading scientists on kefir has been invited to numerous conferences in Turkey and various other countries, European Union and national project panels, and international studies.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğba KÖK TAŞ, founder of Danem, is specialized on fermented dairy products. She completed her doctorate on kefir technologies and identified important findings to benefit to science and society. She has worked with undergraduate and graduate level students on microbial content of kefir, definition of advanced microbial techniques, and health impacts of natural kefir. Our founders have various international and national publications, book chapters, and reports.
  • Since co-founders believed that findings of their scientific studies will greatly contribute to industrial applications, they found DANEM Ltd. Co. as a science and technology-based food R&D company in “Lakes Region Technocity”. Our founders desire to present their knowledge accumulated from long-years of research to public and they have registered four patent and one Utility Model about kefir technology to Turkish Patent Institution.
  • With continuous R&D studies, first Büyüdanem growing fresh kefir starter, than Endanem dry growing kefir starter, Sevdanem non-grained single use kefir starter, BüyüYo probiotic yogurt starter and Kefirzadem and Kefirdanem kefir products from grain yeast were produced respectively. Danem has 6 registered brands by Turkish Patent Institution.
  • With continuous R&D studies, goat-based types of kefir and yogurt starter specific to allergic individuals were achieved. Goat product based Büyüdanem and Sevdanem kefir starter and BüyüYo yogurt starter were added in our product range.
  • With our strong R&D studies, our water kefir starter was among our product range under our Büyüdanem brand. This product has especially been an important probiotic for our vegan and allergic friends.
  • As a result of our R&D studies, our vegetable based Sevdanem kefir starter was added among our product range (for our vegan and allergic friends).
  • DANEM believes that it is our responsibility to produce natural and reliable kefir and yogurt starter that are not produced in our country and imported from other countries and producing natural and reliable products specific to our allergic and vegan friends after our extensive R&D studies.


Prof. Dr. Zeynep Banu Güzel Seydim

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğba Kök Taş