Membership Contract

  1. Parties
  2. a) Seller operating on website and located in Süleyman Demirel University, East Campus Technocity Building L-102 Isparta (hereinafter referred as “Danem”).
  3. b) internet user creating membership on website (“Member”)
  4. Subject of Contract

This contract defined member usage conditions of website owned by Danem.

  1. Rights and Liabilities of Parties

3.1. Member hereby declares and undertakes that all personal and other information provided to is correct under related law and member will provide all damages incurred on Danem by incorrect information.

3.2. Member may not give the password given to him Danem to other individuals or organizations and Member is the sole owner of usage of this password. Danem reserves the right to claim any compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use by any third party or competent authority.

3.3. Member accepts and acknowledges to follow and comply with all related laws and regulations while using website. Otherwise, all legal and penal obligations will be completely and exclusively be binding to member.

3.4. Member cannot use website to disrupt public order, general ethics, to disturb other users, to break any law, or to intervene with copyrights and intellectual rights of anyone else. Additionally, member cannot prevent or complicate use of services by other users (in the form of spam, virus, trojan etc.).

3.5. Ideas and opinions on website posted by members are personal views of these members and binds only these members. These opinions and ideas do not reflect Danem or in any way connected with Danem. Danem has no responsibility for the damages that may incur due to the opinions and ideas of these member to any third parties.

3.6. Danem cannot be held responsible for unauthorized causes to member data and any damages on member software and data. Member accepted and acknowledged not to indemnify Danem for any damage due to usage of website.