Büyüdanem Water Kefir Starter

  • This product is suitable for multiple use.
  • If cared under suitable conditions, this yeast can constantly be used.
  • As water kefir grains are larger, more water kefir can be fermented.

BÜYÜDANEM “Water Kefir Starter”; is a patented method approved by Turkish Patent Institute based on highest level of food safety. With this recommended method and utility model design, real kefir grains are produced in the most natural and hygienic production conditions by Danem for the first time.

BÜYÜDANEM is the best water kefir starter to produce your own natural water kefir at home. There is 3 gr kefir starter in sterilised water in glass bottles. If you take care of this yeast with care and love, this yeast will grow over time.

One glass (200ml) of kefir produced from BÜYÜDANEM has 2 billion beneficial and various types of lactic acid bacteria. Since sugar ferments probiotics in water kefir with sugary water, most of the sugar is used and end product has slightly sour flavour rather than sugar.

Our products are manufactured under Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock registered under TR-32-K-000120 on 20/03/2012.